Cregslist iz so durdy

January 13, 2009

Over the weekend i got bored and posted a fake craigslist ad in M4m in lolcat speak.

stuff like “lukkin 4 sum1 to come ovah fer cuddelz timez maybee more. iz best if u haz a flavah, a reel gud won. kthxbai!”

the weird thing was i got 7 responses in 20 minutes — only one of them noted it was a lolcat and thought it was funny. the rest sent pics of their bodies and things like “your butt is ground-zero of your pleasure,” which is probably the best use of the phrase “ground-zero” ever. Typically when i think about that term i think 9/11, but it’s nice that it can be reclaimed for referencing dirty anal sex with strangers– possibly cats.
i posted it with a picture of a cat on a bed.

i guess i didn’t notice that the cat had such seductive come-hither eyes.