The Devil’s In the Details

January 16, 2009

Just got the latest copy of Details magazine in the mail today. Pretty much everything on the cover seems to be geared straight towards me — except for one thing in particular: Can You Still Afford Your Girlfriend. Now, seriously, girlfriend?
I never fully understood what the point was for Details to bother pretending to be a straight man’s magazine. I mean, I love my Details, in terms of Gay-Lite it’s right up there with High School wrestling, Cirque Du Soleil, and Clay Aiken, but come on — nobody who really reads Details has a girlfriend. Nobody except that overly macho quarterback from your high school days who always had exceptionally nice eyebrows and a really really close best friend.  You know, his bro.

Am I right?  Do any of you read Details? Do you have a girlfriend?

For your viewing pleasure, the cover of Details:


3 Responses to “The Devil’s In the Details”

  1. Laura said

    It’s true. You know, I sometimes catch my dad reading that magazine, which always makes me wonder if he is gay…

  2. Jarebear said

    everyone’s a little gay sometimes i guess.

  3. righty said

    I don’t know if we’ve discussed this before, but I agree with you 100% I mainly like the magazine for their super gay ads, and the numbers section.

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