Repeal Day, Gay Penguins, Photography

December 5, 2008

Get Drizzunk
It’s repeal day in the nation! 75 years ago Americans were celebrating a major win for personal liberty. Prohibition caused more than 45k deaths due to people drinking toxic bootlegged alcohol, and the government spent the modern day equivalent of $200 Billion in enforcement! That doesn’t even count how much tax revenue was lost during the time. Repeal Day is something we can all enjoy, especially Republicans — what better day than Repeal Day to celebrate personal liberty, limited government involvement in personal and business lives, a free market, and government fiscal responsibility? Hopefully in 25 years we’ll finally legalize marijuana for all the same reasons — and more.

Ice Queens
Here’s something exciting that should probably be on the Human/Animal War blog as well — a gay penguin couple have been trying to steal straight penguins eggs so they can be fathers. FYI there are more than 350 animal species on earth that exhibit exclusive homosexual behavior — penguins obviously, but also other apes, dolphins, and dogs. Thanks Bobby and Chris for sending in the links.

I can haz foto jawb nao?
This is the second year i’ve taken the Holiday Family Photo for Maximus’sess’s family. This year his mom asked me to do a special project for them as well and then just charge them whatever a real photographer would for 5 matted and framed prints. HA! That’s a ton of money (google new york photographer rates in NYC), so I obviously can’t charge that. Anyway, I decided that I do in fact really really really like photography and working in photoshop — so I’m currently looking around to find photographers who could use me for assistance. I minored in fine arts with a focus in photography, am quick with photoshop, super tech savvy, have fantastic people skills, and have evenings and weekends to do work, so I was thinking i’d be able to do any digital processing remotely, and even come along on shoots on weekends if i was needed. Plus i’d get to learn all about the photography business.

income diversification is where it’s at!


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