Actually, it is a civil rights issue…

November 18, 2008

I read a really irritating article today going on about how the gay marriage rights isn’t really a civil rights issue.  Basically the author makes two points: 1) black people had it so bad that they now have a monopoly on civil rights claims and 2) just because someone doesn’t think gays should have equal rights doesn’t mean they have a problem with gays, it probably is just that these people are clinging to traditional gender roles (the author says sex repeatedly when he really means gender.)

The whole whacked article is here.  Some of the points aren’t bad, but the author really misses some key things.  For one, he says that

Anti-miscegenation laws were designed to prevent intimate racial mixing of any kind; by contrast, many of the people who voted to ban same-sex marriage are apparently supportive of same-sex intimacy—provided you don’t call it marriage.

I’d like to point out that it was only about five years ago that the US Supreme Court finally knocked down laws that were designed to prevent intimate same-sex relationships of any kind.  To think that there simply aren’t people who are expressing their homophobia through the whole “well, they just can’t call it marriage” argument because they can’t take away gays’ rights to even be gay is naive or ignorant at best.

Of course this is about gay people being gay and straight people not liking that.  Let’s look at it from another perspective (even though Mr. Ford doesn’t think we should.)

If I told you “I don’t have a problem with black people. I mean, I totally agree they should have the right to vote, and slavery was tooootally bad.  I just don’t think they should be in schools with white people.”  You would never ever respond “Oh yeah, jarebear’s not racist.  He supports blacks on other issues.  Just because he doesn’t think they should have one little right doesn’t make him racist! He’s just trying to preserve the education system as he knows it!”

Right? You would never say that.  Unless you actually agreed with the first statement.  BECAUSE IT’S RIDICULOUSLY OBVIOUS WHAT’S GOING ON.  It’s just so outrageous that there are people like this out making up the most convoluted ridiculous roundabout ways to try and explain away discrimination.  Isn’t it obvious that it’s real, and present in the US today?

I’ve always felt that homophobia was a bad term for it.  If you discriminate based on race, you’re racist; on sex, you’re sexist.  Sexualitist doesn’t flow right… i think Gaycist is pretty good though.  I think we’re facing gaycism and pretending it isn’t real isn’t going to make it go away.


One Response to “Actually, it is a civil rights issue…”

  1. Jarebear, great post.

    I prefer the term “homo-loving”. I was born with the love-orientation to bond with and yes, fall in love with a member of the same gender.

    This man-made word “homo-SEXUAL”, barely hides its own aversion.

    The fact is – Man-on-man sex freaks some out. The most disgusting, homo-hatin’ language I’ve EVER heard comes from HET-GUYS who somehow work in references to anal sex into their curses. It’s really amazing. We could be discussing tax law as it relates to estate planning, and somehow butt-sex pops in. Curious.

    But this entire conversation needs to veer towards the SUFFERING that occurs DAILY when these 1,138 rights AND protections are not in place. These laws WOULD NOT EXIST (for the heterosexuals) unless they were needed. Heterosexuals want to CONTINUE to deny us rights & protections they have deemed essential for centuries. Nice. [equality tax protest]

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