All aboard the fun train!

November 17, 2008

I decided I wanted my own personal blog to share with the world.  I already have one, of course, but thought it would be nice to try to start with a little bit lighter fare. So, you can come here to keep up to date on all the exciting things I think are worth talking about.  Such topics may include:

  • Politics?
  • The Human/Animal War
  • Gay Politics
  • Gay Animals
  • Gay Wars
  • The state of the Gaytion
  • Other gay puns (IS THAT META?!)
  • Comics
  • Hollas to my homies
  • Things that irritate me (think: Andy Rooney)
  • Bullet-pointed lists
  • Things that make me giggle (think: Andy Pooney)
  • Why i don’t like Autotune
  • DC stuff
  • Why torrenting is awesome
  • I ride bike.
  • Being Frugal
  • Being smarter than most people
  • The subtle differences between arrogance and statistics
  • Working in PR

So, welcome to the fun train.  Welcome to my Gay Agenda.


One Response to “All aboard the fun train!”

  1. Chris said

    But Blogger is so much better…sadness….
    Well I will still follow you. But I won’t like it.

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